Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life - Like Riding a Bicycle

Whether its making a social venture work, or a regular business -- one is constantly striving for sustainability and balance.  I am calling this 'life' as we all anyway spend most of our living time doing this.

I just found an analogy from Dr Yash Pal's book - Random Curiosity (a collection of questions from children and youth about life and observations of phenomena and simple but scientific researched answers from Prof Yash Pal).  Prof Mashelkar (ex-CSIR Head and Scientist) in his tribute shares how Prof YashPal  in a response to question - why are we able to balance a moving bicycle as compared to one that is stationary - provides not only a simple physics explanation but also a philosophical understanding relating the riding of bike to life. 

The key point to note here is that a person has to continue to turn the pedal and keep the bike moving for it to stay stable/balanced versus trying to balance a stationary bike.

The fact that we need to pedal and move to keep the balance points to three key aspects of achieving sustainability in life:
1) Life is dynamic - balance comes with active movement,
2) We need to have a rhythm and regular action on the right set of activities
3) We need to focus on a distance away from the immediate and let the handle be held loosely only to be firmed up during bumps and turns.

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