Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Drives Value Creation in a Society?

Just as 2009 was coming to an end I got to attend a silver jubilee re-union of my college batch (IIT Delhi). In one of the discussions, my close friend, classmate and also colleague for quite a while at NIIT - Mukul Saxena -- triggered a thought. He said that if we ask ourselves the question - what makes Indians and North Americans operate differently -- we will get a good insight into what we need to change.

Interesting question - I thought. So I went ahead and asked my colleagues in Affirmative Action team the following question -- you can respond too if you like.  I will post my own responses and some selected responses of my colleagues in a while.

Here is a question – the answer to which might help you create value in your own lives and lives of others that are linked to you:

Data points:

US Population: 250mn
GDP: USD 14.2 Tn
From zero to the leading nation of the World in 250 years

India Population: 1250 mn
GDP: USD 1.2 Tn
From Hero to 20th position in the World in 300 years
So the question is:

What makes a typical American in US create ‘sixty’ times more value than an Indian in India?