Friday, July 2, 2010

Giving or Taking from Society (or rather the whole World)

When you ask an investor to invest or you ask a philanthropist to give -- standard question is what is the return. Nothing wrong with this question. Resource and monies applied to any venture must be utilized efficiently and that should be the objective for all - giver, taker, user etc.

However, there is an element to the attitude of giving which we should reflect on:

How much do we consider usage efficiency when we take - we take all the time without even realizing -- service from servants, air, water, oil, beauty from nature, politeness and consideration from fellow human beings ... are just some examples to consider.

So my statement is -- when we give - we watch the return with hawk eyes but when we take sometimes we dont even know we have taken.

What do you think?  How should we build the gratitude in each of us?


  1. The best way to do this will be the practice of becoming a part of the both side- givers & takers. When a cook prepares food for his own son then it tastes very different...this is required...once we do the right job with the money then there is no need to generate will follow the right approach!!

  2. You have a point there. I am wondering how the implementation would look in a practical sense.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. The question in itself is an answer to the religious doctrine of tithing. My little understanding points me towards the teaching that asks us to seek opportunities to give.... but when we go seeking, mostly we end up analysing the opportunities.

  4. Are we mixing the right and left brain here? Give and take connected to $$ will usually be under scrutiny from one or both sides(some great humans can forego this though!). Give and take of emotions should (ideally) be selfless and absolutely a must for civilised society.

    Given our complicated lives and overlap of personal and professional needs/wants/aspirations, it does get skewed when it comes to showing gratitude. Maybe thats why people donate to religious or charitable organisations :)
    Just a thought....not sure if it answers your question though

  5. Thanks Aseem and Rinky. Definitely opens up the perspectives window much more.

    Two follow up points:
    1. How important is this aspect in our lives?
    2. Given the complexity and multiplicity of life and what we give and take -- how do we keep ourselves grounded and focused assuming its an important aspect from the persepctive of overall purpose of life.


  6. To answer your 2 points:

    1) Very important - in many cases, it brings the transaction to a full circle or in other words closure

    2) Thankyou/Shukriya/Dhanyavaad are excellent words to start with!


  7. Thank you thank you thank you :-)

  8. Thank you Neeraj :-)