Sunday, June 7, 2009

Educational Technology at NIIT University

16 years back I joined NIIT with a group that was into creating Instructional Software or Computer Based Training -- something unheard of in India at that time. I remember I had a hard time explaining what I was doing to my relatives and friends. Since then the Education and Training Industry has grown and so has the use of technology based education delivery.

Unfortunately, while demand has increased, trained personnel are hard to come by. All eLearning and content development organizations have big-fat internal training for their staff and in addition a huge quality control department. Primary reason being lack of formal higher education and grounding in Education systems, processes and how to best leverage technology for education. Today, I would not be wrong in stating that most eLearning and content development organizations have people who trained and worked at NIIT in the Knowledge Solutions Business.

Ever since the time NIIT promoters have been planning the NIIT University, a program on Educational Technology has been on the agenda. Now this year, as NIIT University is being launched so is the MTech in Educational Technology. Its a two year program with deep Industry linkage and ample real-life projects built into the educational process. You can read more about NIIT University and the programs at

We are going to have leaders from the Industry participating in curriculum design, real-life cases, projects, and also internship. I am very excited about this program as I can see it becoming a model in Education and Training Technology at a global level. Do check it out.